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Un Coup de Coeur : London Riots Compilation 2011 - Mister Biscuit - "The Kids Don't Play No More"

por em 11/11/2011 

WHAT WENT WRONG IN THE UK ?? - A look back at the riots in the UK in 2011.

Darcus Howe's speech on the BBC, helped create this track "The Kids Don't Play No More" by Mister Biscuit, featuring Megan Henwood.

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21st Century lived a life of luxury
A paradise parody, you can be anyone you want to be
But you can't be free
The kids don't play no more

I'm not a rude boy, bad lad, looking for a smash and grab
Lost soul on the dole, trying to switch a light bulb on
But the spark has gone.
The kids don't play no more

Crash, burn, live, learn, queue up wait your turn
Your time will come, sit back and chew your gum
Be the patient one
The kids don't play no more.

We were once believers
But the robots came and stole our dreams away
The grown ups, they have deceived us
Fucked our futures up we most obey
Kids don't play no more.

Panic, panic, take, take, smash, grab, hate, hate
Danger in the game, fight the flames
You won't find nothing here, nothing here
Cos the kids, no the kids don't play no more.

(c) M Henwood & S Jones

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