jeudi 20 octobre 2011

Greek #Strike : The situation is also heating up ahead of the EU summit on Sunday

par RT 20/10/2011

Greece's 48-hour paralysis has entered its second day and has already seen street violence over the government's efforts to stave off bankruptcy. But the people's wrath was not enough to deter lawmakers from initially backing even more tough cuts.

The Greek Parliament is due to vote on a final approval for the set of austerity measures today, after giving it initial approval on Wednesday, amidst the most chaotic and violent protest so far.
After a majority vote, which approved the measures, the lawmakers are due to discuss the details of the new tax hikes and cutbacks on salaries and pensions.

The protesters are expected to turn out in front of the parliament building once again. They plan to surround the building as the vote goes through, RT’s Sara Firth reports from Athens.

Groups of protesters have been gathering in the streets since early morning, making announcements over loudspeakers. The gathering is even larger than it was at the same time yesterday.

On Wednesday, over 200,000 people gathered for rallies across the country, according to authorities’ estimates. At least 14 police officers were injured in the unrest in Athens, while some 10 people ended up being detained. At least seven people were taken to hospital.

The lingering traces of teargas still can be detected in the air after yesterday’s clashes between police and protesters, Sara Firth says.

The situation is also heating up ahead of the EU summit on Sunday, set to work out a solution for the region's sovereign debt crisis. The summit is expected to be very crucial, because some consensus should be announced to give the investors at least a small confidence boost.


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