lundi 26 septembre 2011

#OccupyWallStreet (Replay) Protesters Maced / Pepper Sprayed by NYPD Police

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par le 24 sept. 2011

While on a peaceful march near Union Square in downtown Manhattan, multiple female protestors were penned up in the street by orange mesh baricade, then maliciously maced.

The women were peaceful and unarmed. They were secured by barricade with an overwhelming police presence. And they were then sprayed directly in the face with pressurized mace...

WeAreTheOther99 continues to peacefully occupy Lower Manhattan to begin a dialogue with the Top 1% with the goal of a peaceful transition of power back to the People.

This can no longer be stopped. But be advised, this will not be televised...


par le 24 sept. 2011

"More than 80 people were arrested on Saturday as they marched from the financial district, where many have been encamped for over a week, north toward Union Square. In this video by you can see a high-ranking member of the New York Police Department spraying a substance — the video says it is Mace or pepper spray — toward several women who were standing behind a wall of orange netting. After the spraying, one woman can be seen dropping to the ground, screaming in apparent pain."

The Daily News says several officers were caught on wiretaps using racist language.



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