lundi 16 mai 2011

Crisis, what crisis ? - Euro Funnel : "Spain too big to fail"

par le 16 mai 2011

The latest efforts to prevent eurozone members and the single currency falling into the financial abyss begin later. European ministers will meet to discuss the effectiveness of bailouts for Portugal and Greece. Concerns have been raised that the measures are not working in Greece. While Portugal's crumbling economy is desperate for a 78 billion euro rescue package. Across the border in Spain, there were outbreaks of violence during protests against austerity cuts as the country struggles to deal with record-high unemployment. And as RT's Sara Firth reports, Madrid could be next in line for an EU handout.
For more on the European bailouts, RT talks to Javier Diaz-Gimenez Professor of Economics at the University of Navarra, who is in Madrid.


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