samedi 2 avril 2011

Japan NUKE

In Japan, radiation levels in the seawater near the Fukushima plant continue to rise. They're now more than 3.5 thousand times higher than normal. Radioactive material has also been detected in soil at the facility. Japan's government described the situation as serious and unpredictable. Workers have been unsuccessfully trying to restore the plant's cooling system, in what is now the worst atomic crisis since Chernobyl. There's been some debate over whether there are any similarities between the two events. RT talks to Professor Christopher Busby, of the European Committee on Radiation Risks.

Comments: Where are the hundreds of nuclear experts in France, Britain, US, Canada and who stormed the media (TV, radio shows, and newspapers) in the first weeks of the disaster and were saying there was no way it could be like Chernobyl? How curious we don't hear from them any longer. Four weeks ago, we were all uneducated people who needed some scientific backgrounds. We were all looked down for being too emotional, too alarmist, too stupid. How curious? - isocrate27


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